Prof Khaled Abou-El-Hossein

041 504 3368
North Campus, Block C, Room 234

Biography / Background

Prof Abou-El-Hossein is a Professor at Nelson Mandela University. He is a professional mechanical engineer registered by the Engineering Council of South Africa.

He holds a PhD and Masters in Manufacturing Engineering from the National Technical University of Ukraine. He also holds a Graduated Certificate in Tertiary Teaching from Curtin University in Australia

Awards and Achievements
Teaching award (Students’ Choice), Curtin University (2007)
Teaching award (Students’ Choice), Curtin University (2008)
Researcher of the Year (School of Engineering) , NMMU (2011)
NMMU’s Research Excellence Award, NMMU (2014)
Researcher of the Year (School of Engineering), NMMU (2018)

Professional Activities
Member of the SA Technology Programmes Accreditation Committee (TPAC) of ECSA since 2014
Chair of School RTI Committee
Member of Steering, Management Committees and Advisory Board of Centre for HRTEM (Prof. Neethling)
Member of CRAC
Member of European Society of Precision Engineering (EUSPEN)



Teaching Interests

In addition to sharing technical experiences in the class, I discovered that creating a teaching and learning environment where the students have more questions spinning in their minds than answers is absolutely effective. One of the ways I follow to realize such an environment is to start and to finish my lectures with open-ended questions. When I start a new topic, for example, I always try to show the student pictures and short videos of the applications of the knowledge that they are about to be exposed to. I find that this makes the students feel the importance of the subject and get them engaged in an endless process of deep thinking. I judge this by the kind of questions pouring into the class by the end of the lecture.

Besides the subject matter, I strive to help my students appreciate the importance of soft skills such as presentation, management, and negotiation skills for their careers. Also, I always highlight in the class the extreme importance of integrity and frankness in professional engineering. I strongly believe that students, especially those working closely with me for their final year projects, are a reflection of me and the University. Therefore, I try my best to help them strengthen their positive values and views about the University in particular and professional society in general.

Research Interests

Prof Abou-El-Hossein is rated by the National Research Foundation of South Africa. He has established an optics manufacturing laboratory that is the only one of its kind on the African continent. His research interests include:
- Machining and general cutting of engineering materials
- High precision manufacturing of optics
- Precision hybrid machining technologies
- Artificial intelligence in manufacturing
- Materials processing robotics
- Materials characterisation


Representative Publications

Prof Abou-El-Hossein has published extensively in manufacturing and materials engineering journal and publication. He has published about 150 scientific articles in different research forums and publications.

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