THE configuration of a design of a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft for high payload, extended endurance operations by the Nelson Mandela University’s Mandela Autonomous Operations (MAO) Group has been patented and shows promise with regard to increased payload, durability and ease of operation. Dr Russell Phillips

Short lessons, recorded experiments, career exploration and wellness segments, are just a few of the interventions planned by Mandela University’s STEM IN ACTION’s programme to assist Grade 12 learners once they are back at school.  In 2019, some 2700 learners and their educators from 37 schools in Nelson Mandela Bay, benefited from this science and mathematics programme. 


To be the preferred centre of built environment industry originated research on the African continent.

The Nelson Mandela University’s Faculty of Engineering, the Built Environment and Information Technology (EBEIT) with participation from other faculties including Science (School of Natural Science), established in 2019, a multidisciplinary Cross Laminate Timber (CLT) Technology engagement unit.

SOUTH END was the “District Six” of Port Elizabeth. It was a vibrant, diverse and integrated community with a sense of belonging. That was the way of life until the Group Areas Act of 1950 legislated the forced relocation of residents to various, racially segregated outlying areas of the city.

THE demand for contact lenses (CLs) is increasing rapidly among different age and race groups in Africa [1].

Prof Khaled Abou-El-Hossein and Muhammad Mukhtar Liman

MECHATRONICS focuses on the engineering of electrical, computer and mechanical systems. Intelligent systems may include Artificial Intelligence (AI) - based software systems, such as: expert systems, neural networks, fuzzy logic and genetic algorithms.  Within our research team the concept of Intelligent Mechatronic Systems is simply described as an electrical-mechanical device or system integrated with a microcomputer that has AI-based capacity to analyze sensor data and take action.  A functional prosthetic hand is an area of interest within the field of biomechatronics.

Prof Theo van Niekerk

THE cybercrime epidemic has escalated rapidly in recent years. Cyberattacks have become increasingly sophisticated, involving malware, phishing, machine learning, artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency, thus placing corporations, governments and individuals at constant risk. These new and evolving cybersecurity threats have placed cybersecurity as a top priority for many nations and businesses alike. However, many organisations and governments have struggled to hire enough qualified cybersecurity professionals to safeguard against the increase in cybercrime.

Prof Lyn Futcher

Creche X3

PRE-SCHOOLERS in Airport Valley on the outskirts of Port Elizabeth now enjoy a spacious, new building for their creche courtesy of Mandela University’s second-year Architecture students.

John Andrews, Clayton Johnson-Goddard and second-year architecture students

E-SCHOOLS are the future. But are traditional South African schools ready for it.

Origin of Things

THE importance of understanding the origin of territories motivated Mandela University senior lecturer, researcher and artist Dr Magda Minguzzi to convene a research group consisting of Chiefs and members of the KhoiSan community in the Port Elizabeth metropolitan area and university staff and students shortly after her arrival in South Africa from Italy in 2014.

THE continuous evaluation of the material condition during the active life cycle of a plant is essential in managing the engineering challenges associated with safely prolonging the life of high value engineering components, in certain instances well beyond the original intended design life.

Prof Danie Hattingh

THE function between the welding procedure, properties and effectiveness should be well-understood to sustain structural integrity of welded components for the full life of its application.  The quality of the welding procedure, weld properties and weld effectiveness are critical to enable safe designed welded structures operating under specific environmental constraints. 

Prof Hannalie Lombard